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Nilang by Lalique - 30ml / 1.0 fl.oz. Parfum Crystal Flacon

$ 434.99

Size:  30ml / 1.0 fl.oz 
Concentration: Parfum
Type: Splash bottle
Packaging: New in box

As many other Limited Edition, this wonderful Nilang de Lalique crystal flacon was created from a special inspiration. From a fascinating journey to the Far-East, Marie-Claude Lalique returned with the sketch of a Lotus Flower, rising above the water, during the first hours of sunlight, seeking sun and ready to blossom. Between air and water, the pure strength of this flower and of its symbolism invited the artist to an olfactory and artistic creation. Nilang by Lalique is born from this Lotus Flower.

The emotional meeting of a flower and crystal. A stem bottle which has the magic of a shape which traps the light. A youthful flower sculpted in transparency. Barely opened, sovereign. Its slender and strong plant-like twist inviting the palm of the hand.

Flacon is signed, numbered and complete with Certificate.

Nilang by Lalique is a refreshing, oriental Floral fragrance for women, a blend of soft and spice notes sparkling with water.

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