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DNAngel GraffArt Trading Can Badges

$ 104.99

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Condition: New in original packaging
Brand/Manufacturer: Kadokawa, A3/GraffArt Shop
Series: D.N.Angel by Yukiru Sugisaki
Release Date/Original Production Run: 9/2019
Size: diameter 6.5 cm / 2.6 in

DNAngel Trading Can Badges by A3/GraffArt Shop are a series of large-sized collectible trading badges displaying the mini character designs, the original doodle-like graffiti style designs, and select manga panels. Many of these designs are rare and discontinued already. Featuring the main characters of the story:

  • Daisuke Niwa
  • Dark Mousy
  • Riku Harada
  • Risa Harada
  • Satoshi Hiwatari
  • Krad

Please use the drop-down menu to choose the item you would like to purchase. Get your favorites, or collect them all!

NOTE 1: Since these are blind box items, the original packaging of the individual badges will have been opened to determine the design inside, but the original packaging will still be present and as intact as possible. Secondhand items may not have the original packaging, but will be in new or collectible condition unless otherwise stated.

NOTE 2: Since these are blind box items, the items inside are randomized, so buying a full box set does not guarantee getting all types of designs available. Please be aware.


Discontinued. Rare. Hard to Find. Limited stock available, so get it while supplies last. Please contact us for further inquiries or requests.

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