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DNAngel Exhibition Fravas / Paper Canvas Art Prints

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Condition: new in original packaging
Brand/Manufacturer: Kadokawa, Triball
Series: D.N.Angel by Yukiru Sugisaki
Release Date/Original Production Run: 5/14/2021 – 6/6/2021
Size: unassembled 37.7 x 51 cm / 14.8 x 20.1 in; assembled 18.2 x 25.7 x 2 cm / 7.2 x 10.1 x 0.8 in

DNAngel Exhibition Fravas / Paper Canvas Art Prints by Triball were originally released and sold at the DNAngel Exhibition held at the Marui City Store in Yokohama in May 2021, and later released on the Marui Web Channel's online anime shop for mail order, as well as resold at the other exhibitions. These art canvas prints that you can assemble yourself, also known as "Fravas" (a portmanteau of "frame + canvas"), are made of thick cardstock with a texture that mimics real canvas paintings, and come with built in ways to hang it or display it as a standing art piece. These prints feature gorgeous illustrations by Yukiru Sugisaki from all throughout the series and created to commemorate the completion of Sugisaki's long time and internationally beloved manga work after 24 years.

These Fravas products contain perforated cardstock sheets with adhesive areas and pre-scored lines to guide folding, optional stands which you can assemble from the same sheet, a cardboard base to keep the Fravas rigid so it doesn't bend or fold easily, and an instruction sheet which is in Japanese.

Please use the drop-down menu to choose the item you would like to purchase. You can purchase them in their original unassembled form or in a ready-to-decorate pre-constructed form. There are 5 different illustrations, featuring the main characters of the story: Daisuke, Dark, Satoshi, and Krad! Get your favorite print, or collect them all!

  1. The unassembled version of this product is a large B3-sized cardstock board with all the original contents still in the original packaging.
  2. The pre-constructed version means that the product has been opened so that the canvas could be assembled (but not adhered). This item will still contain all the original contents, though the original packaging will be folded to fit in the shipment. The optional stand will not be pre-constructed.

This is a brand new product that has never been used or displayed. The pricing of each version is different because of their shipment size. Please email us if you have any question prior making purchase. Thank you.

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